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Behind the Music

In Concert with Gill Halliday

‘ of the most entertaining performers I have ever was just so refreshing to watch and listen to you. You are witty too.’ Milnathort Folk Festival

It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like or what genre you listen to, an evening with Gill Halliday will be right up your street whether covers or her own songs. The infusions of influence in her music spans many genres, making it an eclectic mix. Just when you start to understand the music, she will flip it on its head and surprise you with the unexpected.

No subject is off limits in her innovative song-writing making her music accessible to all that come and listen. Her writing will touch everyone in some way but the essence of her music is entrenched in the joys, worries, and beauty of human relationships, and our everyday life experiences. She’s clever, funny, and energetic, and this is brought to life in her sensitive songs that will have you laughing, crying, reflecting, and reminiscing throughout the entire performance.

Gill's guitar, flute, whistle, and powerful, individual vocals, not to mention harmonies, will mesmerise. Her tours vary from intimate clubs to larger festivals but always retain the vibrancy and energy that she is known by.

‘I could have listened to Gill sing all night…’ Sheena Wellington

Gill has a love of song-writing and has done so since very young. Gill Halliday crafts her songs with disarming honesty, like secret pages from a diary; this can be heard in the beautifully crafted words: her storytelling through her music bring vibrancy, humour, and experiences that are often relatable. Gill has a casual confidence and ability which engages her audience with a voice drawing inspiration from Jazz, Blues and a touch of Classic.

Gill brings experiences of her life to her music: from a deep immersion in Scottish traditions, to New Zealand, Europe, and more. Her international travels over three decades have developed and changed her music through the years and this is reflected in her style and lyrics.

'...insightful song-writing...' Edinburgh Southside Advertiser

We all want a musician that brings stories to life and Gill does this.

'Gill is a gifted vocalist with a powerful, effortless voice that will leave audiences excited for more.' Rick Taylor

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